I started to write Rudy Rants in the hope that I would be able to alert some Americans to the growing threat to our freedom and our way of life from within our own boundaries. I tried to explain the difference between the Left and the Conservative movement.  History and the definitions describe the Left as Revolutionary and out to change the government.  Conservatives prefer status quo and a strengthening of the existing system of government which was deemed over 200 years ago to be the best system developed utilizing Judeo/Christian values.  Thomas Jefferson said, “The greatest danger to American freedom is a government that ignores the Constitution.”  In my opinion, Barack Obama repeatedly ignored the Constitution and with the help of a cooperating Congress, both Democrat and Republican (establishment types) were able to undermine our freedoms in return for a Left Wing agenda implemented with the policies of Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  These policies were supported by the likes of George Soros, the Left Wing media, numerous Left Wing organizations rallied in a heartbeat to overthrow a duly elected administration in keeping with their plan which was thwarted by the election of Donald Trump.  People, this is no joke and this is real,

I call on my experience as a Counterintelligence Analyst with the Naval Investigative Service to remind you that many of these destructive Left Wing organizations were underground 50 years ago plotting and planning how to overthrow our government. Today, they are alive and well and out in the open through the gradual brainwashing of the American people that this is a better way.  We are the wealthiest country in the world, because we are NOT like the rest of the world.  Why should we have to share our wealth with the world instead of taking care of our own citizens?  People are crossing our borders illegally to get away from Socialism and try to reap the benefits of a Capitalist society with inalienable rights and freedoms.  I thought after Barack Obama’s Marxist regime that we were finished as a free and Democratic country.  They had enough of the electorate to guarantee a Democrat for years to come if not forever.  I talked about the “Revolution without a War”.  Thomas Jefferson also stated that “The tree of liberty must be refreshed from time to time with the blood of patriots and tyrants.”  Now I ask you, who are the tyrants in our current situation with a duly elected President being demonstrated against, lied about, and Left Wing zealots calling for his death.  Who are these tyrants I ask you?  They are the stupid people lured into the Left Wing trap by a Left Wing media, propaganda, promise of free giveaways, the destroying of prosperity through hard work and the division of all the various minority groups against a common enemy, either white or wealthy Americans.  They have even convinced moderate Americans that it is a crime to be rich.  They have convinced Americans that those that worked hard for their wealth should share their hard work with those that do not work so hard or are not as industrious.  Socialism and Communism has never worked.  The Swamp does indeed need to be drained by both Democrats and Republicans who for years have disguised themselves as Republicans, but go along with the Left Wing program.  Boehner was a phony, Ryan is a phony and the biggest phony of them all is John McCain.  Conservative Americans have to come out of the woodworks and defend our way of life and do not allow the Left to stifle your free speech.  It is painfully obvious that is what they are trying to do.  This is Anarchy pure and simple and if you don’t see it, you are a fool in the pure sense of the word.

There is yet another threat to our country enabled to a great degree by Barack Obama. The Muslim Brotherhood has been defended and incorporated into many of our governmental agencies with the help of Barack Obama.  Indeed, he even had several members in his administration.  I am sure many of the leaks to undermine our President are coming from these same carryovers.  And then there is the plan recently uncovered and not too widely reported by the Left Wing news media in Annandale, Virginia by the Muslim Brotherhood to come to the United States and gradually take over communities and try to use Sharia as a parallel legal system like they are trying in Great Britain.  They do not want to assimilate, they want to take over and change it to their way of life.  Ultimately, they feel that they will conquer the United States from within.  This is real folks.  This is not made up.  The Muslims will lie to deceive you.  It is there way of life.  I talked in the past about Taqqiya a Muslim doctrine from the Quran which allows Muslims to lie to protect their true meaning.  Look it up, it is all on the Internet.  The Revolution from the Left is getting worse and worse with all the advocates of hate and violence.  When have you ever seen such violence and hate?  Recognize it for what it is, it is an agenda that through the use of propaganda and brainwashing has been allowed to grow in this country.  If you allow it to continue unchecked, there will be more violence, loss of freedoms and the end of our Democracy.  Speak up and be heard, do not let these zealots win.  Make America Great Again.

Author: rudy

I was born in Brooklyn, New York, June 30, 1940. Attended PS 229, Shallow Junior High School and Lafayette High School. I was an All-City Football player and received a scholarship and attended University of South Carolina. I was 17 when I went to S.C having skipped a year of school in the 7th grade. I left South Carolina after 2 years and went to the University of Bridgeport where I graduated. I attended the United States Navy Officer Candidate School after college and was commissioned an Ensign in April, 1964. I served aboard the USS Mountrail (APA-213) as an Engineering Officer for 3 years and was transferred to the Naval Investigative Service as a Counterintelligence Analyst where I became an "expert" on Domestic Subversive Groups. After the Navy, I worked as a Assistant Vice President with Irving Trust Company and later as an Assistant Vice President at Merrill Lynch. I currently work as a Chauffeur. I am married and have 5 kids and 4 grandkids.

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    1. Well, my name is Rudy and what I do is Rant from a perspective of experience, research and News. Your comments are very much appreciated.

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