The Democratic Party in conjunction with the Left Wing Mainstream Media are trying everything to discredit the duly elected President of the United States to further their own agenda. They are failing miserably by innuendo, fake news, name calling and fake psychoanalysis.  This past week it was painfully obvious that all the Left Media channels had the same coordinated message.  Every single one of the stations called President Tump “unhinged.”  Coincidence, I think not.

I decided to research the German Nazi Party and how they created their following using Nazi and Fascist techniques. I am convinced that what I am seeing by the Liberal Left is in fact Nazism.  This is the big question”


One of the techniques employed by the Nazi’s was propaganda and brainwashing to convince their people that their Party was the right party. In fact, it is believed that the Nazi’s started the word propaganda.  I quote the following from Wikipedia: “Propaganda must not investigate the truth objectively and, in so far as it is favourable to the other side, present it according to the theoretical rules of justice; yet it must present only that aspect of the truth which is favourable to its own side. (…) The receptive powers of the masses are very restricted, and their understanding is feeble. On the other hand, they quickly forget. Such being the case, all effective propaganda must be confined to a few bare essentials and those must be expressed as far as possible in stereotyped formulas. These slogans should be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward. (…) Every change that is made in the subject of a propagandist message must always emphasize the same conclusion. The leading slogan must of course be illustrated in many ways and from several angles, but in the end one must always return to the assertion of the same formula.”

These techniques are exactly that which is being put forth by the Liberal Left Wing Media. “These slogans must be persistently repeated until the very last individual has come to grasp the idea that has been put forward.”  Isn’t that what is being done by the Democratic Party and the Left Wing Media?  It starts with the likes of Nancy Pelosi or Chuck Schumer calling the President a Racist, Misogynist and any other ist they could come up with.  Then their cooperating Media fabricates lies and innuendo to further the dialogue.

In the early stages of the Nazi Party they were having problems getting their message across because they did not have control of the Media. “In April 1930, Hitler appointed Goebbels head of party propaganda. Goebbels, a former journalist and Nazi party officer in Berlin, soon proved his skills. Among his first successes was the organization of riotous demonstrations that succeeded in having the American anti-war film All Quiet on the Western Front banned in Germany.”[8]  

Riotous demonstrations? Isn’t that what the Left is doing when Antifa, Black Lives Matters, the Workers Party and others meet with their faces covered and clubs in their hands not to mention fire bombs?  Isn’t Antifa a Marxist organization which is also Fascist?  Sysyphean News is dedicated to exposing Antifa for what it really is and they state the following: There are at least 50,000 nationwide. They have been able to assimilate much of the “occupy” and “black-bloc” movements. Most of what these organizations accomplish is classified as direct actions. They will participate in a protest or a march, but they are not big fans of passive resistance.”

These were the main group in Charlottesville, Virginia. The entire white supremacist movement including the KKK only numbers 10,000 throughout the entire country. They came to Charlottesville to cause trouble and when the President called out both sides, the Left Wing Media Propaganda Machine including the Democratic Party immediately criticize the President for not saying enough about the white supremacists and the KKK and berated him for mentioning the Fascist Antifa movement. DO YOU GET IT NOW? Maybe this is more convincing about the Nazi Party”

On 13 March 1933, The Third Reich established a Ministry of Propaganda, appointing Joseph Goebbels as its Minister. Its goals were to establish enemies in the public mind: the external enemies which had imposed the Treaty of Versailles on Germany, and internal enemies such as Jews, Romani, homosexuals, Bolsheviks, and cultural trends including “degenerate art“.

Now, the Left Wing Media uses the blacks, LGBT community and Latinos to be martialed for Marxist demonstrations against any voice contrary to their own and against the President because he is trying to Drain the Swamp of all these Left Wing Politicians mostly in the Democratic Party who are hell bent on changing our Constitution and minimizing our freedoms.

And now it’s our National Monuments that are being destroyed by Left Wing Zealots who want to change our history. The Nazis produced many films to promote their views, using the party’s Department of Film for organizing film propaganda. An estimated 45 million people attended film screenings put on by the NSDAP.[66] Reichsamtsleiter Neumann declared that the goal of the Department of Film was not directly political in nature, but was rather to influence the culture, education, and entertainment of the general population

The similarity between Left Wing Liberalism is so Nazi in nature and that includes the Democratic Party although they are more Communistic it appears. Look at all the Left Wing money from George Soros, the Hollywood film makers who make all these films of supposed injustices. Their purpose is to divide the country and demonize anybody white. Most of the complainants represent approximately 16% of the population, blacks and the transgender community.   Then why does such a small part of our population who commit the largest percentages of crimes so in the general news as being persecuted? It is the way of the Left and the Nazi’s. They will call anyone and everyone who disagrees with them some sort of ist. After they tear down all the monuments representing our history and the history of Europe, what next? Methinks it is “FREE SPEECH.” Folks the fake news and lies of the Left Wing Media can only be countered by facts, like those I have presented here. No fabrications, facts! I ask that those that read this pass it on so that hopefully Democratic Party supporters can come to their senses and realize how they are being brainwashed.



I was going to simply write a FB post this morning, but I am so incensed with the Left Wing treatment of our President and how they choose to twist every single word he says to further the Left Wing agenda of divide and conquer.

If you think back 30 or 40 years, there was hatred and bigotry and yes, even prejudice. Words like Guinea, Pollack, Kike, Nigger, Fag and Chink were words commonly used to portray ones feeling one way or the other for a specific group.  These words came about over many years and were hurtful to some within these groups.  In my group of primarily Jews and Christians, you often heard these words used jokingly and without any animosity whatsoever.  “Hey Guinea, let’s get a slice of pizza or Hey Pollack let’s get a knish.  It was the 50’s and we were learning from each other and breaking down the barriers of religion and race unlike the current Left Wing environment where every word is scrutinized by a Left Wing Media that takes the opposite approach and tries to divide every ethnic and racial group.  We were making progress on every front by common everyday people without government intervention like Equal Rights Amendments or laws related to one ethnic group or another.  Most of these interventions are coming from a Left Wing Socialist/Marxist Democratic Party.  I read recently about Frederick Douglass, a former slave and leading abolitionist writer who gave a speech in 1863 titled “Popular Error and Unpopular Truth.” 1) It was reported that Douglass said “There was no such thing as a new truth. Error might be old or new; but truth was as old as the universe.”  A popular error it was written, was the idea that because Thomas Jefferson owned slaves, nothing good could come from him.  Douglass surely knew that Jefferson owned slaves, but he knew as well that Jefferson was the author of the Declaration of Independence, which supplied for Douglass and for all Americans the key to political progress: the principles that “all men are created equal”; that they are “endowed by their Creator (NOT BY GOVERNMENT I MIGHT ADD) with certain unalienable Rights,” among which are “Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness”: and that “to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among Men.”  Douglass was no fan of “race pride, “counting it a “positive evil” and a “false foundation.”  For the better part of American history, black Americans wanted nothing to do with a color line that set them apart from other Americans. Remember Dr. Martin Luther King who said “judge a man by his character, not by the color of his skin.”  “It has long been the desire of our enemies, “Douglass wrote, “to deepen and widen the line of separation between the white and colored people of this country.”  Douglass went on to say that the politics of identity make the present a prisoner of that past with individuals viewed chiefly through the lens of race or other arbitrary characteristics.  I have excerpted some of the previous writings from a Newsletter I received which clearly displays the brilliance of Frederick Douglass.  There is a Frederick Douglass Boulevard in New York City named after this great black statesman.  I would venture to say that less than 10% of those traveling on this boulevard even know who Frederick Douglass is.

Like Thomas Jefferson, Frederick Douglass could foresee the pitfalls to equal rights under the law. He cautioned about those that would try to change history, pursue a color line and thus divide our country.  He advocated and cautioned about those who would appear to befriend you by creating exceptionalism.  That is what the Left Wing Democratic Party has been doing for over 50 years that I am aware of it.  Create exceptionalism for blacks, gays, Latinos, Asians and any other minority group so that the country could be divided and conquered by Marxist elements throughout our country.  Think about it folks.  When we were kids, we were making phenomenal progress toward the building of race and religious behavior.  Now, our history has to be re-written and the evils of the past have to be torn down to accommodate those of the Left.  Free Speech however demeaning and hurtful it might be has to be quelled by the Left Wing Democrats.  I have been saying for years, that the Democrats have been following Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals which basically encourages organizing and dividing every group in our country against each other.  One only has to research the groups participating in demonstrations on the Left to find out that they are all Communist, Socialist, Anarchist or some other anti-Democracy group organized for the purpose of disrupting and overthrowing our government.  Many of these groups are financed by George Soros, a known America hater who makes billions of dollars from American businesses he owns.

There are those elements in our society who want to destroy our history. Robert E. Lee was a graduate of West Point and one of our greatest Generals.  Must his statue be torn down because he represented a time in history. The demonstrations in Charlottesville, Virginia were mostly sponsored on the Left by If you look on the Internet you will find that this is an anti-American Party working for the destruction of the United States.  They are Communists pure and simple.  The stupid people being paid to demonstrate and some ultimately getting killed because of a radical on the right do not realize what they are supporting.  The brainwashing is so obvious it is ridiculous.  People of America you better wake up.  Your country is being stolen right out from under you under the guise of political correctness, social equality and equal rights.  Entrepreneurship and hard work are not pillars of this movement.  Destruction of our history, our religions our laws and our government is.  The Left Wing Media is complicit in this effort with their inflammatory and often derogatory rhetoric as well as the speech among Democratic Party politicians who knowingly or unknowingly spew hatred and seditious behavior in the chambers of our government.



Many of those that read these Rants, should realize by now that it is my intent to educate readers on the way of the Left and the Democratic Party and how their revolutionary movement has evolved over the years. Part of this evolution is the extreme biased coverage and manipulation by the News Media particularly CNN.

This past week, White House spokesman Stephen Miller was discussing some of the changes anticipated in the Immigration Policy which would require “Legal” Immigrants to speak English, have a physical means of support and basically not be a financial burden on the United States upon entering the United States. Many of these laws were in existence for over 100 years, yet the Democratic Party has systematically been trying to remove or ignore them so that they could get people on entitlement programs and secure their voting bloc.  CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who is known for his attempts at manipulating the News and otherwise interpreting Administration comments or policies to sound racist, misogynist or any other ist he could come up with stated the following; “Does that mean that we will only accept Immigrants from Great Britain and Australia”?  He tried to make the speaking of English as a requirement a racist comment and misinterpreted the meaning as he often does to try to embarrass the Administration.  In this case Stephen Miller called him out on it and as a fact; there are over 50 countries and 24 smaller states that have English as their official or first language.  In fact, many countries have English as a second language which is taught as part of the curriculum of the education system.  How did we get here to the point where so many members of the News Media manipulate the News or report it falsely often using “unidentified sources?” How did we get to the point where a Democratic Party essentially wants to ignore the Immigration Laws, ignore laws related to Illegal Immigration and otherwise risk the security and the finances of the United States?

To explain where I am coming from and how I know what I know, not to mention other research that I do in defense of my writings, I have to go back to 1967 when I was a Counterintelligence Analyst and expert in Domestic Subversive Groups for the Naval Investigative Service. What was considered subversive?  I believe that any person, group or organization whose primary goal was to overthrow the government of the United States through any means was considered subversive.  If you proposed violent overthrow of the government as the Black Panthers did in the 60’s, then you were considered seditious and there was a law on the books to prosecute sedition.  During this time, I interrelated with the FBI, CIA, Army CID, Air Force CID, local Police Departments and any Intelligence Agency set up to protect the Safety and Security of the United States and its citizens.  Everyone I met was a dedicated American Patriot without bias and without political agenda.  There was one exception, an Army CID agent who I interfaced with who betrayed his oath not to reveal what he knew under penalty of the law.  This agent left the Army and then went to the New York Post which was a Liberal newspaper at the time and revealed that the Intelligence Agencies were spying on private civilians.  He had the ACLU with him and basically blew the lid off the Intelligence agencies that were keeping tabs on the Communist Party, Socialist Party, Progressive Labor Party and many other organizations considered to be subversive.  I believe that the damage done by this exposure was so great, that it became very difficult to monitor these groups and they eventually came out of the basements and cellars where they conducted meetings and are now in plain view as the Democratic Party, Black Lives Matter, and a multitude of organizations organized for the express purpose of overthrowing our government to a more Marxist/Socialist style.  I recently heard on a News program that was describing the “ free speech” movement of the 60’s which only wanted their message to be free, commenting on how the Police were beating poor demonstrators at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago.  They emphasize the brutal Police.  What they did not report and that which I had personal knowledge of, were all the plans by these groups like the Students for a Democratic Society, Black Panthers and many other Left Wing organizations to ambush and hurt the Police in any way they could.  They had beams of wood with spikes through them to stop Police cars and other traps to hurt Policeman.  This was a street war and what do the media report, the Police are hurting the poor children.  Total lies and fabrication.  We knew 6 months in advance of some of the plans of these groups.  Some were thwarted, but some happened and many were hurt including the Police.

In today’s environment, all of these Left Wing organizations are now financed by the likes of George Soros and other advocates who hate the United States and who demonstrate at the drop of a hat to further the Left Wing agenda and try to cripple the legitimate government. Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Waters are buffoons who just spew Left Wing rhetoric because it gives them power and money.  It is all about money.  Just look at New York City.  There was a huge fund to repair the NYC Subway System.  Democratic Governor Andrew Cuomo used this fund as his personal slush fund and campaign chest.  Now, Democratic Mayor De Blasio (aka Wilhelm) wants to tax NYC residents making over $500,000 a year to pay for the repairs.  He wants the taxpayers to pay for repairs that were supposed to be done by a fund specified for that purpose and drained by Governor Andrew Cuomo.  DO YOU GET IT YET?  These guys are so corrupt, but manage to dodge the bullet every time.  How?  Why?  They bilk the taxpayer every chance they get.  That is one of the reasons why the majority of Governors are Republicans.  People are starting to get it.

I write these Rudy Rants not for financial gain, but for love of my country. What happened to the land of opportunity?  Today if you work hard and become prosperous you are considered evil and forced to share your hard work with people designated by the Democratic Party and in some cases not even United States citizens.  How long do you think you could support people on free entitlements before the well runs dry?  Look at Greece, Portugal, Italy and many other countries that are bankrupt because of entitlements.  Let’s keep American wealth for Americans first and until we could reduce the National Debt.  It is foolish to borrow money to give away to other unappreciative countries and people.  Let them adopt the United States model and we should help them implement it so that they could prosper like us.  They reject it because they want power and control.  The Left is trying desperately to stifle free speech from more Moderate Americans.  You see it every day and quite frankly it’s scary.  The Intelligence Agencies have been infiltrated with political hacks not dedicated to a non-biased defense of our country.   These leaks are from Obama holdovers or anti-Trump factions of the Republican Party.  It is painfully obvious and never would have happened 50 years ago.  This is the result of 8 years of Obama; a complete breakdown of our most important agencies.   No more secrecy, no more security and a News media dedicated to embarrassing our government.  I implore you people to see it for what it is.  The Democratic Party is evil and anti-American and thinks the country exists to support them in power and control just like 3rd world countries like Venezuela.  JMHO



It’s been almost a month since the latest RUDY RANT, so I thought it was time to bring things in our great country up to date and try to educate as to what is happening in our government and throughout the nation.

To backtrack a little, I have previously stated that the Left is dedicated to radical revolution or change in our government and the Right is traditionally dedicated to preserving our Constitutional Republic and upholding the Rule of Law. The Conservatives or Moderates of our country which tend to lean to the Right, voted Donald Trump as President because they see how the Left is trying to Radically change this country to become more “globalized” and more like the rest of the world.  There are so many agendas, that it is mind boggling how many directions the country is being pulled by activists and members of the Left hell bent on changing our government to accommodate their own “special interests.”  We are talking about environmentalists, blacks, Hispanics, LGBT community, Communists, Socialists, trans gender and many more minority groups organized by financing from Left Wing Zealots like George Soros who hates the United States and is out to destroy it.  Stupid Americans don’t get it that his Progressive Insurance Company which offers cheap insurance is actually being used to finance this war against democracy and the freedoms we enjoy.  There is one common thread to all these radical groups and that is the Democratic Party pure and simple.

One only has to look at the recent history of the Democratic Party and their forcing of Obamacare down the throats of the American people despite polls that said that 70% of the population was against it. They utilized every trick in the book to get it passed.  The idea was to provide healthcare whether you wanted to pay for it or not with the younger people’s contributions used to pay for others via entitlement and Illegal Aliens.  Their whole idea was to put the entitlements into the plan so that it would become very difficult to repeal.  It is hard to take away what you have already given.  So once again the non-worker and selfish citizen and illegal alike benefit while the hard working Middle American gets screwed.  The Democrats have repeatedly given better deals to countries than they would negotiate for the United States.  In short, they would buy off other countries like Iran at the expense of the American taxpayer.  It is painfully obvious that members of Congress ARE NOT subject to Obamacare. Maybe if they were, they would give more attention to repealing it.

Since the election, the Democratic Party has broken protocol and would not accept the results of the Presidential election. Instead, they are using all their wealth and power and Alinsky trained groups and organizations to create turmoil throughout the country to disrupt the orderly transition of government and Rule of Law.  “Resist” is their battle cry to try and disrupt and riot every chance they get.  They are like the mobs of third world countries with their covered faces and the destruction they create.  All this fueled by the Democratic Party and idiots like Chuck Schumer, Nancy Pelosi, Maxine Watters and many others who spew treasonous  comments against our duly elected President.  They talked about impeachment immediately after the election without any grounds.  They colluded with the Ukraine and Russia to influence the elections and then fabricate a dossier to discredit the President.  They are conducting an investigation despite any evidence or crime committed with all Democratic Party supporters hired under Mueller.  What a total farce?  And Democratic supporters continue to believe these lies despite all the evidence to the contrary.  And then you have the Establishment Republicans like John McCain, John Kasich, Murkowski, Collins and others who should be voted out of office and replaced by Conservative/Moderate Republicans who will get the job done.  For that matter, Americans should wake up and vote OUT of office every Democrat who is currently serving.  They are obstructionists who want their Left Wing Socialist agenda or nothing.  American workers have been decimated by all the taxes being charged to pay entitlements to supporters of the Democratic Party.  Show me the fairness of workers earning the same as non-workers after taxes?  Nothing is being done to correct this situation.  Under Bill Clinton, a welfare reform act was passed and immediately repealed under Barack Obama.  Why?  Compassion?  I think not.  It was done to get government control over the entitlement crowd without reservation and to get their votes.  The “NEW MASSA” for those living in government supplied Plantations known as government housing.  Do any of you get it yet?  The traditional Trump hater will deny the truth and all the lies put forth by the Democratic Party because that is what they have been brainwashed to do over these many years of Left Wing Media lies.

With the support of the Left Wing Media, the Democratic Party continues to promote lies and false narratives to obstruct the business of government. So many of their lies have been proven to be “fake news”; with the expressed purpose of brainwashing and influencing the American people.  Hillary Clinton violated the law and was guilty of multiple felonies, yet Loretta Lynch declared her investigation “a matter”.  Are you kidding me?  How can any Democratic Party supporter not see through the “tarmac incident”.  This is wrong in so many ways and if you don’t come out and acknowledge these facts, then you are a brainwashed non-patriot duped by the Democratic Party.  What many Americans are doing is supporting a Gestapo style propaganda machine which is the Democratic Party and the Left Wing News Media.  If it is not curtailed now and we get more Democrats into office, we are doomed as a free and democratic society.  Our founders must be turning over in their graves.  America first!  Call your representatives and let them know that you are upset with their obstructionism and lack of governing.  We desperately need term limits.  JMHO