Two nights ago I had dinner with a few of my friends from Bergen County in New Jersey were I used to work. Most of them follow the Democratic Party line of thinking, but we have all decried that “we will agree to disagree” without any impact on our friendship. Many who read me think that I am completely one-sided in my views and don’t really think about all the issues and how we have evolved to where we are today. I have tried to educate by writing of my experiences, my education, my research and mostly my upbringing. I was brought up in a hardworking Italian family in yes, Brooklyn, New York. My father was Polish and my mother Italian. I know my Polish family who mostly live in Massachusetts to be hardworking people as well. I have a great family in Alabama as well as the result of one of my Polish aunts marrying a soldier from Ozark, Alabama. Since my mother and father were divorced when I was 5 years old, right after the war, I lived with my mother, aunts and uncles and cousins who were more like brothers and sisters to me. Everybody worked to sustain the family and my mother worked the hardest of all on a sewing machine in a factory on the corner that made men’s pants. No entitlements, no freebies, nothing but hard work through thick and thin, illness, injury or any other malady. We belonged to St. Finbar’s Church where I was an Altar Boy. This is all I have known. At this dinner, some things became painfully obvious to me.

I think my friends sometimes think that I am a political nut who is set in his ways and beyond objective thinking. My curse is that I am probably the opposite in that I listen and think about everything that I hear and then I process it and come to a conclusion. Sometimes, I will research what I have heard always trying to get it right and back it up with facts. Some of the things my friends said to me only prove what I have been saying all along. They have said things to me like “the world is changing” and “times have changed” or we are moving to “globalization”. After hearing these opinions, I wanted to shout out; it is changing because people of influence and money WANT IT TO CHANGE. In my first Rudy Rant, I wrote “These words will forever be imbedded in my mind, “you take over the media, and you control the people’s minds.” That is how Hitler, Mussolini, and many other Dictators had taken over countries. This thought would have a tremendous influence on my thinking in the future.” I joined the United States Navy despite the fact that I could have had 4F deferments due to surgery on my knee from football and seriously flat feet. In fact, I had to get a Medical waiver in order to enlist. I did it because I love this country and everything it used to stand for. I was always proud when I wore that uniform. This was in the 1960’s during the Vietnam era although my time was spent mostly in the Mediterranean with the 6th Fleet and then with the Naval Investigative Service. In my opinion, that is when the great movement to the Left started to take place. Anti-war movements were started by foreign backed subversive groups and our military were spit on and humiliated by the LEFT. I believe that many European countries were jealous of our success and secretly would love to destroy us. I think the European Union was formed for that reason and Great Britain finally realized the folly in that creation. I know that some in their infinite wisdom thought the prevention of the spread of Communism was the way to go and if you were in the military, you were bound by the words “support and defend the Constitution” and “all lawful orders by those over me.” In short, we did our jobs to defend every American’s right to free speech. In retrospect, Vietnam may not have been a good idea, although I understood the motivation behind it. Many on the Left went to other countries to avoid doing their duty for their country. Much of this influence came from Leftist organizations as I have previously stated like the Students for a Democratic Society (SDS), Communist Party, USA and others. The fact of the matter is that the SDS wanted anything but a Democratic Society. They wanted to change our government to “control” the people by denying them their right to free speech, ie; the new Political Correctness. Think about it folks, how many political correctness issues come up daily? You never know who is offended or how many are offended, you only know that “somebody” is offended. The Left Wing mainstream media seems to be the only ones offended. Add to this the elitists in our education system many of which have emanated from the likes of SDS and other Left Wing political groups, and you have a whole corps of Left Wing influence gradually teaching, writing and influencing our daily way of life to promote an agenda. The bottom line, it is “PROPAGANDA.” The definition of propaganda is: information, especially of a biased or misleading nature, used to promote or publicize a particular political cause or point of view. Biased or misleading nature. Do you freaking get it yet? If you are brought up and educated in this environment it is only normal to expect to believe the daily propaganda that is being presented to you. Little by little, the media outlets were being bought up by Left Wing zealots like George Soros so that 90% of the media outlets are Left Wing. “You control the people’s minds and you control the people.” That is how we have gotten so many otherwise intelligent, patriotic people to move to the left. They tell you that you have to take care of the people “in need.” They tell you about all the “poor” illegals who although they break your laws, you have to be compassionate. They appeal to the good nature of the American people and if your job comes from a Democratic Party source like a local government; you buy the “propaganda” hook, line and sinker. The evolution is there for everybody to see if you are willing to take the time to research an opposing view, but most on the Left think there way is the only way. I have another Left Wing Democrat friend who swears that she believes in Capitalism since her family was small business owners when she was young. I said to her that everything on the Democratic Party agenda is anti-Capitalism such as: heavy regulation, heavy taxation and in the case of the healthcare system is headed for “government control.” My friends, one in particular thinks this is good. Are you freaking kidding me? What governmental agency has ever done a better job than private enterprise? It also opens the door for more corruption like the Michele Obama girlfriend getting the $600 million contract for the Obamacare software. It could have been done for $20 million according to experts. If you are told something long and hard enough, sooner or later, you will start to believe it.


Definition of brainwashing

1 :  a forcible indoctrination to induce someone to give up basic political, social, or religious beliefs and attitudes and to accept contrasting regimented ideas

  1. 2 :  persuasion by propaganda or salesmanship

Here is the Merriam Webster definition of brainwashing. Now think back to the evolution of the movement to the Left. Look at the degradation of religion, the family unit and the fact that anyone defends “Traditionalism” is some sort of freak. Hell, I am probably the “Freak in Chief” because I defend all the institutions represented by our past and our culture. What is wrong with a belief in something greater than oneself? All of a sudden, atheism and agnosticism are the new religions. I am proud to be Italian and Polish. I love and support my family because they are my family. I am proud to have served in the United States Navy. Many educated people who grew up in this so-called “changing times” have been indoctrinated to the Left Wing propaganda and brainwashing and do not even realize it. They legitimately try to do some good and are brainwashed into doing even more, mostly to satisfy a political agenda or the agenda induced feeling of guilt. That is how Barack Obama who never managed anything got elected to the Presidency. The Environmentalists are another product of brainwashing as is climate change. All these issues make it harder to manage a family and cost more to live due to surcharges on every part of our lives to satisfy the huge corruption in our Establishment political system and the many entitlement programs used to get votes. Many traditionalists like me simply did not buy the propaganda. I have had the added education through my Intelligence training to recognize it for what it is worth and deny it outwardly. Many brainwashed Democrats will deny my explanation and my research of the facts and the evolution of the movement to the Left. Look at all the agenda items since Ronald Reagan was President. He refused to sign the Equal Rights Amendments because he felt like I do that the groups demanding “extra’ rights under the law were simply trying to get extra recognition for their cause. The laws protecting these groups were already in place. The Democratic Party pandered to all of these groups ostensibly to get VOTES. Again, the evolution and the progression are all written in history, but I would guess that my Democratic Party friends, one of which is a Doctor of Psychology would vehemently deny that he was either brainwashed or propagandized in his lifetime. Unfortunately, the denial only helps to move the Left further to the Left. The sad part of all of this is that Nationalism, Patriotism and the American way of life with the family unit, the religion or better yet a belief in a greater being which was recognized and included in our Constitution by our Founding Fathers, is being overshadowed by entitlements, political correctness and a move to the European way of life which has trailed ours since the inception of the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Why in God’s name would we want to be like Europe? Why in God’s name would we want to be globalized? The United States is known for its exceptionalism. Barack Obama tried to deny that and apologized for anything and everything. The fact of the matter is that we are exceptional and we should be the leaders in the world, not the followers as he would suggest. We should bring back prosperity through American ingenuity and the industrial might we created so many years ago. I think this election is one of if not the most important elections in our lifetimes. We need to purge the establishment politicians from the government and elect representatives that truly represent the people. I do not think that Hillary Clinton is that person. She is evil, corrupt and an egotist who just wants the Presidency for her place in history. She knows nothing about getting this country back to its former greatness. I think that Donald Trump is the only answer right now. I have to hope that he will surround himself with people like Condoleezza Rice, Larry Kutlow, Mark Levin, Ben Carson and many others that have the talent to bring back the American Dream. Think about it folks, you may never have this chance again. To my Democratic Party friends, I know you will brush my explanation off as just so many words, but I hope you care enough about America to think about what I have written and look back in history to see what has really happened. God Bless America!!!JM



Folks, I had no intention of writing anything today, but I just could not hold back given all the goings on in the News. I usually work on Saturdays to help support my sister’s entitlements (LOL), but work is very slow during the summer, so here I am watching the News and getting another lesson.

My cousin pointed out in the comments section of Facebook about the Global move toward one Government controlling the world. This would fit in with Barack Obama’s globalization efforts.  The latest in the effort to take away our history and our culture to mesh better with the rest of the world and in the name of “Political Correctness”, (A bunch of BS in my view), one (1) individual takes an exception to another American citizen wearing a hat with the “Don’t Tread on Me” slogan and the Gadsden Flag with the Rattlesnake.  This is a piece of our history throughout our fight for Independence.  This is yet another attempt to deny our history and our culture.  The Left is notorious in denying our history, our culture, and rewriting it and changing it to a more Socialist/Marxist form of government.  The sad part is that many supporters of the Left have no clue and simple support entitlements without regard for our country and its history.  It is hard to imagine that this Administration would allow one person to question and declare that a piece of our history is racist.  IS EVERYTHING IN THIS COUNTRY RACIST?  I am getting sick and tired of having to apologize for being white even though I have served my country in the Navy for 20 years.  This is getting so overplayed for political purposes that it is becoming a mockery of our freedoms of speech.  Yet, the Left continues to try to stop free speech by anyone that disagrees with their position and this in turn is supported by the Mainstream Media.

Let’s look at Barack Obama and how he became President. He had NO experience managing anything.  He was a Community Organizer whose job it was to organize minority groups against a common enemy designated by Mr. Obama to achieve a specific goal as set forth in Saul Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.  He became President and immediately started “Organizing” the populace of the United States with the help of Rahm Emmanuel, Eric Holder, Valerie Jarrett, and many other prominent Left Wing and Communist advisors.  He immediately pit blacks against whites when he allowed the Black Panthers who committed voter fraud, immediately took the position of blacks against Police and other whites, and otherwise made it known that whites would be inferior to blacks under his Administration.  He then pitted minorities against the rich and supported the Muslim Brotherhood in this country (many members have important positions in his administration) and other countries which made many foreign relations decisions against the United States and for Islamic countries (Iran nuclear deal and the ransom payoff).  In my opinion, Barack Obama was trying to get a 3rd Term in office, but just could not pull it off, unlike the turncoat, Michael Bloomberg who bought off the City Council in New York to get his 3rd Term.  Folks you have to start putting the dots together.

Yesterday, Hillary Clinton showed you why her handlers do not want her in front of a Press Conference. She fumbled all over herself and added lie to lie and as she said, “tried to short circuit” the explanation.  In other words, she lied to cover up a lie.  You cannot make this up.  Remember, Hillary Clinton was from Arkansas along with Bill (I can’t keep it in my pants) Clinton.  She became a “Carpetbagger”, coming to New York to run for Senator.  Hell, if I ran on the Democratic Party ticket, I could win in New York.  Bottom line, this was already set up for her to coast through the Senate, doing nothing, but getting the credentials for her ultimate goal, the Presidency.  Come on folks, put the dots together.  She got waylaid along the way by the Barack Obama machine which played the Race card on the Clintons and won the battle.  Bottom line once again, neither of them was qualified to be President.  So once she lost the nomination to Obama, they had to make some backroom deals to set her up for 8 years later. Do you Get It Yet?  Now, the fix against Bernie Sanders by the DNC.  Immediately after Bernie is out of the way, almost to the day, Obama endorses Hillary Clinton.  People, connect the dots.

And now, for the Coup de Grace. Hollywood which is loaded with many Left Wing Socialists and Marxists, going back to the McCarthy era of the 1950’s hated and often denounced McCarthy’s attempts at identifying known Communists and others bent on overthrowing the government.  Many writers, directors and actors were “blacklisted” for their affiliation with the Communist Party and other Left Wing subversive groups.  There was an outrage and yes, McCarthy went too far in his hearings often identifying people just because of their friendships with known subversives.  Now, Antonio Sabato, Jr., an actor who spoke at the Republican National Convention and an Immigrant, is being blacklisted by many of the Left Wing Hollywood entertainment people.  Projects were cancelled suddenly and it became apparent why.  That is the way of the Left.  You can’t do it to them, but they can do it to you.  They are the most hypocritical group in the world.  Do as I say, not as I do.  They defend “free speech” ONLY when it affects them and their views.  One only has to look at how the mainstream media and how they continually protect Hillary Clinton by asking her canned questions and have given up altogether at finding out the truth.

You don’t have to follow the News and Politics like I do, but for God’s Sake, look at all the things that have happened over the last 50 years. Yes, it is nice to be nice and we would all like to help people all over the world, but the way to do it is convince the rest of the world that the way of the United States is the best way for the world, not, to change the United States to be like the rest of the world.  There are those in this country who like to create dissent (Obama, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, Van Jones, George Soros, Black Lives Matter, Revolutionary Communist Group, Communist Party, USA, Muslim Brotherhood, and many more groups) under the guise of trying to create division between the various ethnic groups.  The purpose of these groups is to try to make our country bad instead of the good that we have perpetrated for decades. Heck, we were the only country in the world with the Atom Bomb and could have used it to control the world.  We did not, instead we helped build Japan and Germany and the rest of the world with our Industrial might.  Wake up American.  Hillary Clinton is the DEVIL in my opinion and will only bring our country further down to try and fit into the worldwide government which appears to be the end goal of the LEFT.  This is just my honest opinion.



As a Donald Trump supporter, I would be the first person to say that he is arrogant, pompous and a complete failure as a campaigner. He fights the wrong battles, he keeps pounding his chest on his victories and he is forgetting what the real issues are.  With all of his flaws, I still think it pales compared to the vast corruption and mismanagement within the Obama/Clinton administration.  Compare Donald Trump’s business practices and the many other items criticizing him by Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama (Who should keep his mouth shut as President) and the vast disparity of coverage by the Liberal Left Wing Media.   Compare this to:

  • $500 million to the Solyndra bankruptcy
  • $300 million to the Clinton Library by the Saudi government after Bill Clinton brokered a deal for them.
  • $400 million ransom for the Iran hostages.
  • Billions of Department of State funds lost and totally unaccounted for.
  • The IRS scandal whereby the IRS was doing the bidding of the White House to hold down Conservative Non-Profits.
  • The Benghazi scandal where 4 Americans were killed to cover up an arms deal with Syrian rebels.
  • $600 million to Michele Obama’s Canadian friend for a Obamacare computer system that could have been done according to American experts for less than $20 million.
  • The email scandal where emails are erased days after they were being investigated as to their Security Classification and possible ties to the aforementioned Benghazi scandal by Hillary Clinton.
  • Hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Clinton’s for speeches to Wall Street firms and others.
  • Clinton Foundation chartered in Canada so that foreign contributions don’t have to be reported.
  • Large amounts of money to the Clinton Foundation after they brokered a deal for 20% of the United States Uranium production while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State.
  • Fixing of the Democratic nomination process with Debbie Wasserman Schultz and subsequent hiring by the Hillary Clinton campaign that pays her new salary.
  • Susan Rice is given a plush job after she lied on national TV to the American public about the Benghazi scandal, alleging that it was caused by a video.
  • Lois Lerner perpetrated the IRS scandal for the White House; she left IRS and was given a plush job.
  • The highest police agency in the United States appears to be corrupted by the fact that they refused to prosecute Hillary Clinton for violations of the Security Laws of our Nation.
  • Loretta Lynch of the Justice Department has lost all credibility as did FBI Director Comey which means there is no longer bipartisan review within the Justice System. It is slanted when Eric Holder took over and did all the bidding of the White House instead of doing his job to support and defend the Constitution.
  • 30+ close associates of the Clinton’s died under mysterious circumstances. All had some knowledge of the Clinton’s activities and were in a position to cause them trouble. 5, you say coincidence, but 30+, even the most loyal Clinton supporter has got to wonder.

Now here is the important part. Once you are in the highest office in the country and you no longer have balance of power, you have anarchy.  If the White House can control the FBI, the Justice Department and eventually the Supreme Court, think about what is next. No controls mean Secret Police (Gestapo, KGB, etc).  Military Officers have been purged from the ranks in favor of more political high Military Officers who can be controlled by the White House.  People, you may think I am totally out of mind, but think about it.  What do you do when all these departments which are supposed to balance each other out are all controlled by the White House?  Oh yes, it could never happen hear you will hear the Liberals say.  Guess what folks?  IT IS FREAKING HAPPENING RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOUR NOSES.  All they need is this next election to solidify the whole process.  The last key is the Supreme Court.  Give them this election, and you give them Dictatorship and you will not be able to stop it.  They fixed the nomination in the Democratic Party.  There was voter fraud in the last election particularly in Virginia.  In Philadelphia, one district did not have one vote for Romney.  Not one vote. If that wasn’t fixed I don’t know what else it could be.  One black lady on TV openly stated that she voted for Barack Obama 6 times, but yet, the Democrats do not want ID’s for voting.

All I am asking is to put the dots together and look at all the corruption, all the manipulation of the balance of power and most of all, the LIES to the American people. After seeing a very compelling argument, I don’t know how any patriotic American could possibly vote for Hillary Clinton, knowing the possible outcome to our country.  What do you want an arrogant egotist who understands business and could fix the economy or the most corrupt, dishonest politician in the history of this country?  You read the facts and decide.