Yesterday, I had a conversation with my cousin in Florida who spoke to my sister about the upcoming election. My sister is part of that 47% that will never vote Republican (as Romney put it).  My mother used to call my sister “that lazy (expletive).”  All her life to my knowledge she has tried to scam the system to benefit herself.  She can go on trips to Europe which I cannot afford by the way, and I am still working at 76 years old and paying taxes to support the entitlement population of this country.  You see, my sister gets entitlements, many of them tax free.  Her biggest worry, is not a terrorist, not the trade imbalance with Mexico and China, not the black on black crime wave, not the Illegal Immigration, not the corruption in the Democratic Party, no, none of these.  Her biggest worry is that somehow, some way, she will lose her “free money.”  Remember when Barack Obama was elected?  Within 3 weeks of his election he repealed the Welfare Reforms adopted by Bill Clinton and the Republican Congress.  Pandering at is best.  Funny thing, nobody said anything about it or showed any outrage including the Republicans.  That folks is the reason why the Democratic Party has flourished over the last 20 or 30 years.  Now, we have Socialism permanently embedded in the Democratic Party and nobody takes notice.  I heard an interesting statistic this morning that only 16% of Millennials truly know what Socialism is. For you other 84%, Socialism means control of all businesses by the Government.  In short, it is a dictatorship whereby the Government decides who will head the business and how much you get paid.  So one would think, why would any Millennial want Socialism.  Simply, they do not understand what they are supporting.

Now let’s take a look at the corruption in the Democratic Party. Folks, they flaunt it right in front of you and then say its OK, we have Party Unity.  The establishment rigs the system, tries to take away our freedom to decide by stacking the deck and they think it’s OK.  You can’t make this up.  Let’s look at what just happened.  The DNC rigged the nominating process in favor of “Crooked Hillary” and against Bernie Sanders.  It is out in the public eye and is passed over like it did not happen.  Debbie Wasserman Shultz resigns amid boos and she immediately gets a job on Hillary Clinton’s campaign.  You can’t make this up.  There is no accountability for corruption.  In the Democratic Party, you get rewarded for being a liar, a cheat and corrupt.  Just look at Lois Lerner from the IRS scandal.  She got promoted for doing the dirty work of the Democratic Party.  Susan Rice lied about Benghazi on national TV on multiple occasions and got rewarded by her Democratic Party.  Hillary Clinton lied about so many things and now she is the Democratic Party candidate for President.  Folks, they are rubbing it in our faces and they feel invincible.  How about all the incompetency in Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac and their leader Franklin D. Raines who took bonuses while they were cooking the books and deceiving the American public about subprime loans?  Folks, this corruption has been going on forever.  I think the Democratic Party thinks that the US Treasury is their personal bank account.  But yet, it goes ignored by the populace and all the Democratic Party followers.  Now let’s look at Bernie Sanders the self-proclaimed Socialist who promises “free this and free that.”  How do you think he could possibly pay for all these freebies?  Once again, he will rely on the poor Middle Class to be taxed yet higher and higher, with more surcharges on things like cell phones to pay for the entitlements that get them elected.  Bernie gets corrupted by the DNC and like the true establishment guy that he is, he plays the “good soldier” and supports the Cheater in Chief, Hillary Clinton.  Are you freaking kidding me?  It is right out there, right in front of our eyes, and they don’t care.  You know why they don’t care?  Because they know they automatically have all those entitlement fools who care nothing about this country.  What happens when the money runs out?  What happens when the Middle Class finally wakes up sees that they are working twice as hard so someone else can get free money for doing nothing?  I think that time is now.  If we don’t stop this Democratic Party juggernaut now, we are doomed as a Constitutional Republic.  Freedom as we know it will be gone in a very short time.  It is up to Middle America, those not on the take, to voice their opposition now, in this election.  That is what it means to “take our country back.”  Take it back from all the blood sucking entitlement grabbers, Illegal Immigrants and all the refugees who come here for what they can get, not what they could contribute to our society.  Hell, the refugees don’t want to assimilate, they want to take over.

It is my opinion, that if we don’t fight back and elect Donald Trump now we are forever doomed. Establishment politics has got to be driven into the ground and we have to get people elected that truly represent the hard working people of this country, not the entitlement seekers.

I hope you pass this on, because this is the most important election in our life time.



In my last Rant, I tried to show how the Democratic Party employs community organizing and Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals to con small groups to support them by making the Republican Party, rich people, and white people as their enemy. They have gone after Blacks, Gays, Transgender and the poor to garner their votes and get to the promised land of 51% of the votes for office.  They have been very successful in their organizing, their propagandizing in the media and most of all, to get rich off their political positions.

I have talked often of how evil Hillary Clinton is.  All the lies, all the cover-ups, all the misjudgments, all the mysterious deaths possibly attributed to the Clintons, the corrupt Clinton Foundation, the corrupt email scandal and the decision to not prosecute and last but not least, the corruption of the United States Attorney General.  This is my opinion and I ask you to make up your own mind.

What really bothers me is that so many people STILL back Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party. They don’t realize how they are being manipulated and brainwashed by the media.  I have seen Liberal news figures and talk show hosts make every excuse in the world for Hillary’s failures and criminal actions.  They want these things to go away and insist that since there was no criminal prosecution there was no crime.  NOT!!!  The Director of the FBI clearly stated that Hillary Clinton mishandled Classified Information; however, he would not recommend prosecution.  Duh!!!  Everyone in the United States knows she is guilty, I know she is guilty having had Top Secret clearances, yet, they insist that there is nothing wrong with Hillary Clinton.  Hey people, she is the establishment.  She is corrupt.  She has a machine along with her husband that intimidates people into doing their will.  They are evil.  Dr. Ben Carson mentioned Lucifer in the context of the Democrats.  Well, Saul Alinsky proclaimed Lucifer as the first community organizer in his writings.  Yet, Dr. Carson was demonized for his comments.

Now, I thought the RNC had a successful convention with the exception of Ted Cruz and his jealous self-serving speech. Personally, he came off as “sour grapes.”  He also violated his word by not supporting the Republican nominee.  I think the RNC and Donald Trump appealed to the fears, the security, the economy, and the illegal immigration problems and of course the Democrats accused them of fear mongering.  They will tell you how crime is down and there really isn’t a problem although we see things of violence on the news daily.  Who are they kidding?  The problem is that their followers listen to that misinformation and pass it on as real.  They buy it hook, line and sinker.  I am using that term a lot lately.  This week alone, there have been at least 3 incidents in Germany tied directly to Syrian refugees, yet, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama want to bring more refugees into the United States.  Talk about putting the wolf in the hen house.  Trump talked about the economic deals and agreements that have to be renegotiated and of course the Democrats will say, “Well, he didn’t give any specifics.”  Hell, not only does Hillary not give specifics, she glosses over everything and says nothing.  She will mention plans and strategies and offer nothing.  Her rhetoric is, “I am going to fight for you, I am going to give you free education, I am going to continue to give you free things, etc.”  She is in fact a third term of Barack Obama, the worst President in the history of the United States.  Remember the Iran deal.  A total disaster supported by Hillary Clinton. And now the coup de grace.  It has been revealed by WikiLeaks, that the Democratic Party through emails have worked toward guaranteeing Hillary Clinton the nomination for President and worked against Bernie Sanders and in effect, “fixed” the nomination.  This is what Hillary Clinton represents.  She is incompetent, she uses her female gender to try to convince people that they “must” vote for a woman just like they voted for a black or mullato (Mulatto is a term formerly used to refer to persons born of one white parent and one black parent, or to persons born of a mulatto parent or parents)   in Obama’s case.  That would be a “feel good” vote.  The funny thing is that so many women back her for this very reason.  It is truly sad, with all her baggage, they still support her.  They still support the Democratic Party despite all the corruption going on with fixing elections.

I took a break to listen to a Hillary speech in North Carolina. I had to turn it off because I thought I would puke.  She is spewing such nonsense and talking about how tough she is and how she respects our military, etc, etc.  Is there a military man in this country who believes that?  I doubt it seriously.  She is the biggest liar who says nothing and then she is applauded by the mainstream media.  You cannot make this up.

The bottom line is, how many lies and how much corruption do you have to see before you believe that Hillary Clinton is nothing more than a corrupt politician getting rich off her political connections and couldn’t care less for the Middle Class of this country? The outcome of the Obama policies which Hillary will continue, have done more harm to blacks than good.  Look at the numbers.  It is disgraceful.  The Democratic Party has become the new “Massas” of the black population with all their entitlements.  They own the black people of this country.  Just look how easily they can get them to demonstrate for a cause.  It is sad to watch.

The Left has effectively manipulated our population with the help of the mainstream media and a steady flow of funds from Wall Street and the likes of America haters like George Soros. If they are able to get elected this year, it will, in my opinion, be the fall of the United States of America.  Once Liberals control the Supreme Court, they will change the Constitution and do whatever they want.  Nothing they do will make us better off since they will do nothing but continue the Left Wing Marxist policies introduced by Barack Obama.  This is my honest opinion.



I often talk about Muslims and Islam and how our country is in dire need of changes to our policies on how we deal with Islam. There is a moderate Muslim in the United States who is a devout American and a devout Muslim, his name is Zuhdi Jasser.  He is a Medical Doctor and a former Lieutenant Commander in the United States Navy.  He is also the President of the American Islamic Forum for Democracy.  I have known of Zuhdi Jasser for years since he has often appeared on the Fox channels and has proclaimed a forum on how and what should be done in dealing with violent Islam.  He has said for years, that we have to get at the route of the problem which is practiced and funded in the Middle East by Saudi Arabia and many other Islamic countries.  His concepts and ideas make so much sense, yet, he cannot get anyone in government to listen to him or encompass his ideas in world diplomacy.  It really gets you wondering why a President of the United States would embrace the Muslim Brotherhood in our country and abroad and not listen to a moderate Muslim like Zuhdi Jasser.

Zuhdi Jasser is of Syrian Arab decent and was born in Ohio in 1967. He is an advocate and activist for separating Mosque from State just like the separation of Church and State.  He became a Doctor of Internal Medicine and served in the United States Navy where he attained the rank of Lieutenant Commander.  He believes that there is something called Islamism which is more of a political Islam as opposed to religious Islam.  In political Islam, Muslims want to incorporate Sharia Law into the political fabric which is in effect changing the law to accommodate their agenda.  Religious Islam on the other hand wants to practice their religion in a peaceful state of mind and respect the Constitutional separation of Church/Mosque and State.

I have said for a long time that the difference between Christians and radical Muslims is that we have modernized our religion over the years to deal with modern times and the changes in the world while Islam has not changed from its inception and the writing of the Quran. I read the Bible at least once a week.  In it are numerous references to stoning, killing and many other violent actions in defense of God.  One only has to read Genesis through Exodus and the references abound.  However, over the centuries, the punishments outlined in the Bible were gradually purged from our everyday life in favor of more just laws and punishment by tribunal.  In the United States for instance, our Constitution guarantees law of the people, by the people and for the people with a separation between Church law and State law.  This is not the case in many Muslim countries.  Islamic law is one and the same and is taught in Madras’ across the Middle East and most prevalent in Saudi Arabia where it is taught to 3 year olds and above funded by the Saudi government.  The teachings unfortunately teach about stoning, killing and hatred for anything not Muslim.  They teach Sharia Law which is the State Law.  That is why in Saudi Arabia, women have little or no rights, and why Christians are not allowed to practice their religion.  There is no freedom of religion in Saudi Arabia and other Muslim countries.  There is no freedom of religion like that which exists in the United States.  In some countries as we all know, Christians are often denied any rights and in some cases are purged, beheaded and otherwise mistreated or enslaved.  This simply is why we have so many problems in the Middle East and why Israel is under constant pressure from Arab Middle East countries.  They simple will not modernize and our government particularly under Barack Obama has enabled these countries.  When Barack Obama bowed to the King of Saudi Arabia, I was shocked and embarrassed that a President of the United States, the most Democratic and the most prosperous in the world would bow before a King that would deny a good part of his citizens any rights or freedoms and support programs that teach kids from an early age about political Islam instead of peaceful religious Islam.

I hate to say it and cannot believe that in the United States, the Democratic Party also enables political Islam as evidenced by the number of Muslim Brotherhood representatives in the Obama Administration government. I have copied this from another source, because it outlines the law as it relates to Muslims in government or any other religion:

Muslims have a constitutional right to practice their religion and hold any office within the American government so long as they are sincere in protecting and defending the Constitution of the United States. However, when members of any religious or any other kind of group openly advocate for the hijacking of the American government and ultimately the American people under the Sharia law applications of the terrorist organization, the Muslim Brotherhood, their right to hold any governmental position is forfeited. Further, it is a crime, under Federal law which is punishable by fines and imprisonment, to openly advocate for the overthrow of the United States of America. Yet, this is what the personal and public beliefs reflect for the following list of Muslim Brotherhood sympathizers serving in the U.S. government, who openly advocate for the domination of Islam over all other religions in the United States and “to make the United States an “Islamic nation”.

  • Huma Abedin- Deputy Chief of Staff to Hillary Clinton
  • Arif Alikan- Homeland Security
  • Eboo Patel- Grandson of Muslim Brotherhood founder, Advisor to Barack Obama
  • Mohammed Elibiary- Homeland Security Advisor to Barack Obama
  • Rashad Hussein- Special Envoy for Barack Obama
  • Salam al- Marayati- Advisor, Muslim Public Affairs Council and writer for the Huffington Post

These are just a few of the members of the Muslim Brotherhood working in the Obama Administration. The Muslim Brotherhood advocates Sharia Law and therefore, these members should be barred from serving in our government as stated above yet, they are allowed and encouraged by this President and his administration.  You can say what you want but there is no doubt in my mind, that this President disregards and violates the law and uses his Executive Powers to further his agenda.

Zuhdi Jasser is the moderate voice that we need in the United States. Our governmental representatives should be pushing his organization and encouraging him to put his concepts of Religious Islam across the United States.  He recognizes that Sharia Law is in direct conflict to the Constitution and should not be allowed in the United States.  He has encouraged our government to try to influence Saudi Arabia, our supposed ally to stop funding the Madras’ that teach Wahhabism, a violent form of Islam.  Jasser has stated that Muslims coming to the United States should denounce Sharia Law since it not only conflicts with our Constitution, but also creates a Mosque State with no separation like we currently have between Church and State.  Muslims can practice their peaceful version of Islam in the United States under the same rules as Christianity and Judaism.

I think when Donald Trump talks about stopping Muslims from coming into our country until we could figure out how to vet them; I think he means that we have to figure out a way to trust the identify the religious Muslims from the Political Muslims who practice Sharia Law.  There is no place in our society for Sharia Law since it conflicts with the Constitution of the United States.  It should be banned and Muslims who want to be citizens should pledge to support and defend the Constitution of the United States and denounce Sharia Law.



I am listening to Attorney General Lynch testify before the House Judiciary Committee and in my opinion, she has definitely been politicized and is following the will of the President of the United States. She continues to circumvent the questions and refuses to accept responsibility for the decision not to prosecute Hillary Clinton. This is the Washington two step if I ever saw it.  She simply will not answer the question as to whether Hillary Clinton broke the laws and whether she violated the law.  She continually refers back to “the team” which she says made the recommendation to not prosecute Hillary Clinton.  One would ask, would AG Lynch be willing to take a Lie Detector test to confirm her testimony?  Why is it that governmental officials never take Lie Detector tests to confirm their testimony?  Even though it cannot be used in a court of law, it certainly could help to determine the truth.

You also see how the Democratic Party members of the committee divert attention from the real issue and try to bring up the Democratic Party agenda particularly Gun Control.   These committee hearings are a huge farce in my opinion.  It becomes painfully evident that witnesses will simply lie even though they are under oath or circumvent the truth to protect their benefactors.  The bottom line is that there is not equal application of the law in the United States especially when you have Attorneys General who are nothing but pawns to the President of the United States.  In AG Lynch’s testimony it becomes painfully obvious once again that she transferred her authority to FBI Director Comey and “the team” to make the decision to prosecute or not prosecute, a decision that should be hers and hers alone.  This is her way of getting herself off the hook in light of her chance meeting with Bill Clinton on the tarmac in Phoenix or some other objective.

People, if it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck and a waddles like a duck, then, it is a FREAKING DUCK. Do you get it yet?  I can’t make you the readers decide this issue, but how much proof do you need that something is amiss.   I heard one of the Democratic Congressmen; I believe the one from New York, talk and legitimize “Black Lives Matter.”  This is a group started with money from America Hater George Soros and staffed with Left Wing activists to divert attention from real national issues.  They can arrange a demonstration on short notice, because they pay people to participate or go into communities where they can convince people who are easily convinced to participate.  This is what Community Organizing is all about.  This is the primary tool of the Left and the Democratic Party.  Now they brand Mayor Rudy Giuliani for telling the truth.  Because he said that black crime is the main reason for most of the problems and black on black crime is running rampant then he is a racist.  Are you kidding me?  The statistics support all of Giuliani’s comments, yet, he is branded a racist. You see these tactics being used over and over again with the support of the mainstream media.  Branding, political correctness, demonstrations financed by Left Wing groups, and then there is the double standard of law enforcement.  But the worst of all of this is when the President of the United States recognizes organizations like the “Black Panthers”, “Black Lives Matter”, CAIR (Council on American-Islamic Relations) and the Muslim Brotherhood.  These are only a few of the organizations recognized by this President that only mean harm to the United States.  Hillary Clinton will continue along this path.  It makes me sick to see her smile before her audiences knowing that she and her husband have control over so many people including the Attorney General of the United States.  This is Party Politics pure and simple and what the Establishment is all about.  This is why we need a major change in Washington, DC.

I think I have shown, albeit briefly, how we got from a thriving capitalistic society with all the citizens working hard to improve their lot in life through the best economic system ever developed to a society hell bent on breaking up that successful society in favor of income re-distribution, social welfare programs like food stamps, housing assistance and healthcare with its citizens becoming pawns of the government (Communism). Yes folks, these are all tools of the Marxists.  How many of you remember when you worked for a living, received “free” healthcare from your employer, sometimes an annual bonus, at least two weeks paid vacation and have the ability to advance your position in the workplace?  Now, with all the Democratic Party induced regulations it has become impossible for businesses to provide these benefits.  They are nationalizing healthcare no matter what you call Obamacare which is now an expense of the worker instead of the business unless you have a large number of employees and even then, many of the workers hours are being cut and the deductibles are increasing at an alarming rate.  Instead, the Democratic Party utilizing their Marxist methods demonizes businesses and their leadership as being against poor and working people.  Yet, they selectively take huge amounts of money from some of Wall Street’s businesses that benefit most from their governance.  This is so hypocritical that you cannot make it up.  The big problem is that too many Americans simple do not get it and really do not understand the transformation that is taking place by these Leftists.  Through their organizing techniques, they have been able to organize, environmentalists, animal rights groups, climate change groups, black groups, unions, gays and lesbians and any other group they think they could use to further their agenda.  People simple do not connect the dots which bring it all together.  I have.

Thank you for your support, and I hope you spread the word and get more people to read I try to put things in terms understandable by all.  We have to get together to stop Hillary from being the President and furthering the agenda of the Left.




In my last installment, we talked about the Socialist and Marxist groups who all had an agenda to overthrow our form of government. Whether it was power to the workers or power to the people, it was people who wanted power of their own to instill their will on the American people.  In my first Rant on this blog, I wrote:

“And now, to the RANT. To understand how we got to where we are today we really have to look back as far as Dr. Spock and Saul Alinsky, writer of “Rules for Radicals”.  In his acknowledgements for this book, he wrote the following “Lest we forget at least an over-the-shoulder acknowledgment to the very first radical: from all our legends, mythology, and history (and who is to know where mythology leaves off and history begins or which is which), the first radical known to man who rebelled against the establishment and did it so effectively that he at least won his own kingdom – Lucifer.”

Rules for Radicals has various themes. Among them is his use of symbol construction to strengthen the unity within an organization. That is how you get organizations like “Blacks Lives Matter”, “Move On.Org, and many others all with the theme of creating power and disrupting.

The use of a common enemy against a community was another theme of Rules for Radicals, with nonviolent conflict as a uniting element in communities. Unfortunately, many of these organizing efforts such as the ones used against the Police turned violent in many cases.

Symbol construction helped to promote structured organization, which allowed for nonviolent conflict through another element in Alinsky’s teaching, direct action.

Lastly, the main theme throughout Rules for Radicals and Alinsky’s work was empowerment of the poor. Alinsky used symbol construction and nonviolent conflict to create a structured organization with a clearly defined goal that could take direct action against a common enemy.  In simple terms, he was a rabble roused. “

You begin to see the application of Alinsky’s Rules being practiced virtually every day by members of the Democratic Party and their acolytes. Barack Obama himself was a Community Organizer trained under the concepts of Saul Alinsky.  He used his 50% black blood to organize the black vote and immediately started to pit the blacks against the whites often taking sides before he had the facts. (Cambridge, MA).  He did the same thing in Ferguson.  Add to that the other rabble rousers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson; they were now able to marshal elements of the community in a common cause against a common enemy, the white community.  Add to this the Socialist and Communist organizations that were more than willing to aid in this fabricated struggle and the whole process was accelerated under the Obama Administration.  Hasn’t anyone asked why, 156 years after the abolition of slavery we are still discussing this like it still exists.  We are discussing it, because that is the vehicle for the Community Organizers to practice their trade and that is the community that is most receptive to their rhetoric.  Would anyone have thought 8 years ago that we would be holding mass demonstrations to get $15 per hour wages for fast food workers?  Divide and conquer.  Harry Reid and Nancy Pelosi were brilliant while they controlled the House and Senate.  They made the Establishment Republicans look like fools.  They had Obamacare done by a Left Wing think tank over a year before he got elected.  As soon as he was elected, they used their majority and some back room tactics to pass the worst bill in our history.  Divide and conquer.  In addition, they increased the entitlement rolls by astronomical numbers and fabricated the Unemployment number to make it look like they were actually making economic progress. All this was about getting control while they and their crony capitalist friends became rich.  Post Offices sold by a Real Estate Agent related to Diane Feinstein a Democrat was one such deal.  Nancy Pelosi’s husband got exclusive rights to tuna fish.  Michele Obama’s friend got a $600 million contract for software for Obamacare which could have been done for $10 million. Solyndra went bankrupt after Obama approved a $500 million loan and made a tour of their plant.  Let’s not forget the Al Gore and Nancy Pelosi investments into wind and solar energy after he put out his global warming farce.  Let’s also not forget the “Insider Trading” being done by our leaders until that loophole was plugged.  Nancy’s answer was that it was legal. Our country and our politicians got super GREEDY which is leading to the downfall of our institutions.  No longer did politicians represent the people, they realized that if they could stay in office they could make deals that would ultimately provide a constant flow of funds for reelection and money into their own bank accounts.  Between the benefits of office and the funds available in reelection coffers, the politicians could bank their salaries.  You notice that they also vote salary increases whenever they want.  They also give themselves and their staff benefits not available to the rest of the public.  They milk the cow for their own benefit.  As a result, it becomes important that they accumulate voters mostly through entitlements to keep themselves in office.  Our government and its politicians have become so corrupt that it is beyond belief how they have forsaken the Middle Class so that they could continue on their quest for power and wealth. What happened to the American Dream through hard work?

Let’s look back at one of the most important parts of my Intelligence training. “If you control the mass media, you control the people’s minds.”  Now let’s look at the progression that I have been trying to formulate in laymen’s terms so people could see how they have been manipulated and swayed away from the America we grew up in so that people could control our lives and create power and control for themselves.

  • Socialists are present early on in the 1600’s and start to grow in the 1800’s.
  • In the early 1900’s Socialist and Communist groups begin to emerge.
  • In the early 1900’s, Socialists and Communist infiltrate or start trade unions to empower workers.
  • Saul Alinsky writes his Rules for Radicals to organize the masses by symbol construction and getting into minority communities against one common enemy.
  • In the 1940’s, Dr. Spock and his theories start to breakdown the family structure.
  • Atheists and Agnostics campaign against a belief in God thereby trying to break down law according to God.
  • Mass media moves left and uses their power to convince otherwise loyal Americans that they are obligated to take care of the world’s problems like Immigration, Climate Change, Entitlements, Pollution and make sure they vote Democratic Party in doing so.
  • Mass media continues their onslaught with its “Political Correctness” doctrine that if you say something the Left does not like, then you are labelled. That is the way of the Left to “shut people up” and deny them their right of Free Speech.
  • Entitlements grow at such a rapid pace under Obama, that these people who used to work for a living are now getting their “free” piece of the pie and have to vote Democratic Party to keep it coming. The Leftists recognized greed as a tool and have taken full advantage of it.
  • Racism still used as are the black people being used as a means to divert attention away from the real issues. The community organizing techniques and the money supplied by Left Wing groups can guarantee a demonstration within a day. (Move0n.Org, Black Lives Matter, Communist Party, USA, Occupy Wall Street, Service Employees International Union (SEIU), Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson and many others).

This has brought us to today where the darling of the Left and the single most incompetent person to ever run for President is in a position to win the Presidency. If Hillary Clinton is ever elected President, it will be the biggest mistake that will resonate for years that this country could make.  This may be the last chance we have to stop the corrupt politicians in Washington from destroying our country through their own greed and distain for the Middle Class and their hard work.  I believe an outsider like Trump is not only the answer, but the only answer at this time despite all his faults.  I wish he would just address the issues and stop pounding his chest of his accomplishments.  Go after the issues and Hillary Clinton’s record and the people will begin to see the truth.

Thank you to all who read this blog, I hope it helps you understand what I have known for 50 years. I could write a book if I wanted to expand each of these Rants.  The facts are the facts and the results are there for all to see. “ Let’s Make American Strong Again.”




Yesterday was 40 years since my mother passed away and I took the time to visit the Long Island National Cemetery and place one red rose on the headstone for her and “Tiger” John Avosso my stepfather. I know she liked that. I still miss her very much.

I have been trying to follow a series of installments to try and explain how we got to where we are today, but, events in the News have caused me to deviate from my plan. Yesterday the do-gooder Democrats in the Senate and that evil bastard Harry Reid stopped the passing of “Kate’s Law,” I watched that bum talk to his Party and of course, they fell in line as usual. It is no longer what is right; it is what fits into the agenda. They would rather have Americans murdered so that ILLEGAL’s, law breakers, have a place where they could safely hide. That is it. You can’t make this up. Now, all my Democratic Party friends, DO YOU FREAKING GET IT YET!!!

VOTES AND MORE VOTES AND MORE VOTES and screw the American citizens. It is all about POWER. Hillary Clinton totally represents that thirst for POWER. DO YOU GET THAT YET!!!


Now I was getting to the Socialist/Marxist gradual infiltration into our Teacher’s Unions and Government Union’s and many other units of government some by “Organizing” (remember Alinsky) and some by appointments like Obama. “Divide and Conquer.” Obama went full force into his racist rants and divided our country as no other President ever could. He also pitted rich against poor while taking money from foreign sources and other power brokers throughout the United States just like Hillary and Bill Clinton are taking huge amounts of money from devious sources to say the least. And now some of their efforts are starting to bear fruit. No one in the United States likes to see a Police Officer shoot someone black or white because they either use bad judgement or are afraid for their life. However, when this happens and Anarchists are allowed to kill Police Officers who may or may not be guilty, in short, executions, then you have given this Socialist/Marxist agenda all the tools to perform their trade of disrupting this great country. Thank you, President Obama, Nancy Pelosi, Harry Reid and all you other Leftists in our government. You are getting your wish of destabilizing our country. This is my honest opinion. TO BE CONTINUED!!!!




Historically speaking, there were socialists and communists in America as early as 1683 with a group called the Labadists. Many of the early settlements were communal in nature out of necessity.  As North America became more prosperous and its natural resources and fertile land were recognized and utilized, that prosperity was ultimately exploited by England and France.  Those Europeans who braved the trip from Europe to North America in search of freedom and a new way of life were not about to give up their new found prosperity to the countries they fled.  Thus began the United States of America, the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution. Our government was supposed to be made up of citizens elected by the majority who represented their respective constituencies.  It was never intended to be only the rich nor was it ever intended that there by career politicians who could easily be corrupted by their power and influence.

There were Socialist and Marxist groups in the United States during the 1800’s. In 1866 the National Labor Union was formed.  In 1874 the Social Democratic Party, a Marxist group, was formed and in 1876 the Workingman’s Party was formed and ultimately became the Socialist Labor Party of North America.  Originally, Socialists and Marxists were more political in nature and eventually moved to unionism.  In 1886, two Socialists, Adolph Strasser and Samuel Gompers formed the American Federation of Labor (AF of L). Our freedoms under the Constitution guaranteed your right to these groups as long as they did not violate the sedition laws.

Toward the end of the 1800’s and the early 1900’s anarchists were starting to flourish. Anarchists were anti-government and advocated violent overthrow.  These anarchists assassinated President McKinley in 1901.  Two such anarchists, Sacco and Vanzetti were tried and executed in 1927.  In 1919, the Communist Party was formed.   In the 1930’s, the Socialist Party with ties to Russia was formed.  It was headed by Norman Thomas.  The Trotskyites of this party left to start the Socialist Workers Party.

In the 50’s and 60’s, Bayard Rustin and A. Philip Randolph (first black Union organizer) and known Socialists pushed the Civil Rights movement and Dr. Martin Luther King toward activism and ultimately the March on Washington. Remember what was previously said about “Alinsky’s Rules for Radicals.” Here is an important quote from the rules; “What follows is for those who want to change the world from what it is to what they believe it should be.” The Prince was written by Machiavelli for the Haves on how to hold power. Rules for Radicals is written for the Have-Nots on how to take it away.  Alinsky believed that you have to rally groups toward a common enemy. The Civil Rights movement was one such group.  Ultimately, these Civil Rights leaders became advisors to the Kennedy Administration and their “Poor People’s Campaign.”  The whole Socialist/Communist movement went through its ups and downs due to the fear and resistance of the American people, but most often than not the blacks which represented about 13% of the population were repeatedly used by Socialists, Communists and now the Democratic Party to further an agenda not in keeping with the original concepts of our founding fathers.   They constantly infuse slavery and racism toward anyone who disagrees with the Liberal Left movement.  There are volumes of information on these movements, I am only briefly summarizing.

I was with the Naval Investigative Service from 1967 to 1969. The Students for a Democratic Society was prevalent during this time and one of the “subversive” groups I monitored.  Add to that the Communist Party, USA, the Progressive Labor Party, The Socialist Workers Party and other Left Wing groups.  I also monitored Right Wing groups like the American Nazi Party.  In short, we monitored anybody that was a potential threat to the United States.  The concepts of these groups started to take hold as the media began to start to support these groups. The Democratic Party started to move more and more to the Left since many of the working class people who also belonged to Unions voted Democratic.  Many of these people vote Democratic out of loyalty, without realizing that the Democratic Party no longer cultivates hard work, innovation and entrepreneurship, rather, it promotes an entitlement society which guarantees them votes.

One of the biggest fears that I had was that our freedom would allow groups like these to take over the country if we allowed them to. Once they had the majority of votes, they control the country, the Constitution and the Supreme Court which means all three bodies of government.  We monitored these groups, because they advocated overthrow of our government by both peaceful and violent means depending on which group.  The Black Panthers were an example of the violent.  Make no mistake folks, these groups constantly discussed ways of disrupting and ultimately changing everything that our country represented.  They used riots, demonstrations and any way possible to paint Conservatives as mean, racists and against the poor.  They wanted to fundamentally change the United States.  Conservatives merely wanted to continue the greatness that was the United States of America, the land of opportunity, not the land of entitlement where working Middle Class supported non-workers and Illegal Immigrants. Thomas Jefferson said it best, “To take from one because it is thought that his own industry and that of his father’s has acquired too much, in order to spare to others, who, or whose fathers have not exercised equal industry and skill, is to violate arbitrarily the first principle of association — the guarantee to every one of a free exercise of his industry and the fruits acquired by it.” Jefferson was grossly opposed to Income Redistribution.

It is my opinion that the Democratic Party has been leaning more and more to the Left. As I have previously written, the Left refers to revolutionaries.  As revolutionaries, they mean to change our form of government.  Our founders must be turning over in their graves.  I have written a broad brush approach on how we have gotten here, but there are volumes of information available on the Internet about the Socialists and Communists who wanted to change our country for, what I believe to be, the worse.  They want to take from hard working people and give to non-working people and Illegal Immigrants to guarantee themselves votes.  They continue using blacks unbeknown to them to further their purpose.  All these groups like “Black Lives Matter” are created using Alinsky’s rules and most often than not were started and funded by Marxist/Leninist and Socialist organizations.  They have convinced so many people by pitting rich against poor, black against white and with the help of their cooperating accomplice, the media, are getting more and more Americans to forget the “American Dream” and strive toward dependence on the government.  The worse part of this commentary is that the Republican Party which is supposed to be opposite to the movement to the Left, is doing nothing to prevent it, rather they seem to have gotten on board often allowing bills to go through Congress with a minimal fight.  I believe that establishment politics from either side is geared to one thing and one thing only, Power and Control.

Now let’s take a good look at Hillary Clinton. While Bill was President it became obvious that her huge ego wanted to be the first woman President.  She became a Senator because any idiot could have run in New York as long as they were a Democrat.  What did she do in New York?  Nothing worthy of note.  Then she was ready for her coronation as the first woman President, but Barack Obama and his handlers had something else in mind.  Seal all of his records, so nobody could really find out about Barack Obama.  You could immediately see all the divisiveness created by Obama pitting group after group against each other.  “Divide and Conquer.”  Along with participating Republicans who did nothing, he eliminated the welfare reforms put forth by Bill Clinton and the Newt Gingrich Congress in his first 3 months.  This was the expansion of entitlements.  He expanded unemployment benefits.  He encouraged Illegal Immigration telling people to send your kids here from South Americans countries.  There was one program after another to get votes and guarantee his reelection despite all his failures in the economy and foreign affairs.  He consistently violated the laws under the Constitution.  He was supposed to “support and defend the Constitution of the United States,” instead he has consistently tried to change it.  He almost got it done.

Now Hillary believes it is her turn. “Working for you”, “Let’s Do it Together,” is intended to make her appear to be for you in some way, shape or form.  Hillary Clinton and her husband take money from anywhere they can get it.  She couldn’t care two “Ships” (use your imagination) about you or anybody else.  She and her husband have taken huge amounts of money ($300 million) from Saudi Arabia right after Bill left the Presidency and he brokered a deal for the Saudis, not to mention the $100’s of millions of dollars they are taking from Arab nations that keep woman from voting, stone gays and lesbians, behead Christians and many other despicable crimes against humanity.  Yet, she will talk of woman’s rights and abortion, etc.  The only thing you mean to Hillary Clinton is a vote, so she could have the Power back and further screw up this country.  She is incompetent and has proven that over and over again with her firings early on, her failing the bar early on and doing absolutely nothing but cause 4 Americans to be killed and violate our Security Laws because she simply thinks that laws do not apply to the Clintons.  Bill Clinton brokered a deal that gave Russia 20% of the Uranium produced in the United States while Hillary was the Secretary of State. And now, Bill meets with the Attorney General while Hillary is being investigated.  You have to be a moron to not believe that something is going on.

This is a brief of how we got to where we are today. It has been long in coming and resisted along the way by hard working people.  But, they have gradually found a way to consolidate power, gain control over the minds of people and convinced Americans that they will take care of you if you just give them your vote.  Future rants will try to stop this movement and get the country back in the hands of its citizens.




I have a pending Rant that I am finalizing, and then we had today’s News. Folks, you just cannot make this up. As most of you know, the Justice Department and the FBI are supposed to be the Investigative and the Prosecutorial arm of the Government. It is supposed to be bi-partisan since they are responsible to insure that all 3 branches of government, Legislative, Executive and the Judicial follow the laws of the land as prescribed under the Constitution. We saw how the Justice Department was starting to become corrupted under Eric Holder, when he only prosecuted cases that he and President Obama wanted to pursue. The Black Panthers were guilty as hell in Philadelphia and he allowed them to violate the voting laws and walk away. Racism was yelled every time a white Police Officer was involved in anything. It became so obvious that Holder was Obama’s “butt boy” and was not living up to his sworn oath to “support and defend the Constitution.”

I said prior to today that the “fix” was in on Hillary. That became painfully obvious when Billy Boy forced his way into Lynch’s airplane. I also said before, that anybody who has had a Security Clearance knows beyond a shadow of a doubt that Hillary Clinton is GUILTY of violating the Security Laws. The Director of the FBI has said as much, yet, he will not recommend bringing up charges. Another thing, in usual cases, anyone violating the Security Laws is usually prohibited from obtaining a Security Clearance because they could not pass the Background Check. Yet once again, she continues with that Obamanation to pursue the Presidency as if nothing happened. They talk about Trump having his hand on the button. How about this moron with her questionable judgment? I would cringe if I needed her help at 3 in the morning. Look at her history folks, she has screwed up everything she has touched and the ridiculous Democratic Party Loyalists don’t care.

Now Trump’s people put a Sheriff’s star on an AD and right away the Clinton people and the cooperating media go to “political correctness” and call him anti-Semitic. You can’t make this up. This is the way of the Left, distract away from the real news and use political correctness to distract the masses.

Folks, this is what this election is all about. We have to put this country back in the hands of the people. Trump said it, Bernie said it and it is becoming painfully obvious that there is a special set of rules for the Clinton’s. If you are a Clinton supporter, then you cannot possibly support the rule of law and everything it represents. I will continue my installments on how we got to where we are IMO. I will post this Rant on as well. Tell your family and friends, they may find it interesting. I will get into the transition to the Left and how it happened coming up.

Rudy Rant, Rudy Rant, Rudy Rant, Rudy Rant, July 1, 2016

I have to interrupt my chronology of Rants because of all the things going on in the News.  Is there anybody in this country who does not believe that the “fix” is in on Hillary Clinton and her emails?  Can all the Democratic Party followers be so naïve or just don’t care about our laws and what we represent to disregard this GROSS violation of our security laws.  I mentioned in my last installment about my clearances, what I had to sign and how long I had to wait before I could talk about what I did.  Hillary Clinton who truly believes that laws do not pertain to the Clintons violated every rule in the book and did it in real time and on-line.  Folks you cannot make this up.  She is guilty pure and simple of violating our Security Laws.  Anyone who has had a Security Clearance knows this and everyone who did not should know it.  Now “Barreling Bill” decides to pay a visit to the Attorney General who I might add is supposed to be bi-partisan and non-political, to discuss their grandchildren.  ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME?  It was supposed to be a clandestine meeting, but they got busted by a reporter on the scene.  Just like the blue dress with the stain on it.  The Clinton Family has got to be put out of politics and foundations and all the other corrupt dealings that they have.  They should be prohibited from lobbying, and in any way involved in dealings where they have an interest.  Anyone who continues to support them has got to be beyond uninformed.  I hate using the word, but I think they are stupid and traitors to our way of life.  I will detail this more later on in my chronology of installments.

Also, in the News are the attacks by the “RADICAL ISLAMIST EXTREMISTS” Mr. President.  This President continues to tie the hands of our military, continues to not acknowledge the threat of Islam, continues to want to put Americans at risk by allowing non vetted Muslim refugees to come into our country financed by the United States or across the open borders supported by this Administration and I might add Hillary Clinton.  The latest Executive Order tells the military that they have to protect civilian lives when dealing with ISIS or as he states ISIL.  He sticks to that also, why?  Well Mr. President, these so-called civilians are either the families of the ISIS members or they support the ISIS effort or they would run like hell, knowing the consequences.  So, our military has to take delays in their actions to determine if they have taken the proper precautions to honor the Executive Order.  Any military guy and any police officer knows that if you hesitate, you are DEAD!!! Two more attacks in the last few days and all the President wants to do is address Gun Control.  Would gun control help in Turkey?  Would gun control help in Bangladesh?  With all due respect to the office, Mr. President you are either incompetent or an idiot.  But here is the worst part, Hillary Clinton is exactly the same way.  I love the new Democratic Party rhetoric, “That’s not who we are”.  Well let me tell you something all your Democrats, that is who I AM!!!  Trump is right, stop the influx until we could figure out a SAFE way to allow these immigrants into our country.  That is pure common sense, but the Democrats continue to push their agenda.  Folks, the bottom line is and always was VOTES!!!  Do you think for one minute that these politicians really care about these people or for that matter the American people?  It is now and it will always be about VOTES AND POWER and getting reelected.  This is just my honest opinion.  Let me know what you think.