Tomorrow will be my 76th birthday and when I think back to what I have seen in my lifetime I am amazed and baffled concerning  “how we got to where our country is now”.  I have seen the computer go from entire floors of machinery to a hand held device today that has as much computing power as that whole floor.  I have seen a country which promised a “dream”; evolve into a society of greedy takers who want someone else to foot the bill for their existence and/or their wealth.  I am seeing a Middle Class of hard working American citizens being virtually eliminated by taxes and the burden put upon them by the entitlement seekers.  How did this happen?

I graduated from the University of Bridgeport in June, 1963. I previously spent 2 years at the University of South Carolina on a football scholarship.  On November 22, 1963 the day President Kennedy was assassinated, I reported to the United States Navy Officer Candidate School in Newport, Rhode Island.  It was a day I will never forget.  The start of our training was delayed while the country mourned the death of our President.  I joined the military although I would have been exempt because I wanted to serve my country.  I got a medical exemption (flat feet and surgery on my knee) and was allowed to enlist.  Then it was 5 months of intensive training and education to become an Ensign in the United States Navy.

I was commissioned in April, 1964 and assigned to the USS Mountrail (APA-213). The ship was deployed to the Caribbean, so I was sent to Engineering School, Cryptology School, Nuclear, Biological and Chemical Warfare School, Amphibious Warfare School, Fire Fighting School and Damage Control School.  I was supposed to be assigned as the Damage Control Officer.  The USS Mountrail was an amphibious warfare ship which carried as many as 1500 Marines and all their equipment.  We had 24 boats capable of landing the Marines on any beachhead anywhere in the world.  When I finally reported aboard in August of 1964 I was assigned as A Division Officer instead of Damage Control Officer.  A Division was responsible for all the boat engines and all the auxiliary equipment aboard the ship.  One of the greatest experiences of my life occurred my first day as A Division Officer.  Every morning, we were supposed to muster our Division (take attendance) and then report to the Executive Officer of the ship.  When I went back to my Division (we used to muster on the fantail, the back of the ship) I was greeted by First Class Engineman Frank Garza.  He was so spit and polish that he could have been on a poster.  Here I was in my new uniform and green as could be.  He came up to me, saluted as was customary the first time you see an officer for the day and took me aside.  He said “Mr. P, don’t you worry about anything, let me take care of everything and I will keep you informed and let you know what to do.”  I remember that day like it was yesterday.  Frank went on to develop freezer systems for fishing boats in the Seattle area.  He has become one of my best friends and we talk almost weekly.  He became a successful businessman not to mention one of the finest sailors I have ever come across.  He retired as an Engineman Chief.  I learned through people like Frank how to become a leader.  I tried to get down and dirty with the sailors to understand what they went through in their jobs.  I actually cleaned boilers with the men and learned a very valuable lesson.  It was the dirtiest job I ever did.  I was coughing up soot for two weeks.  I eventually became the Main Propulsion Assistant responsible for the Main Engines and the Boiler Room.

During my years aboard the Mountrail, my sons Gregg and Drew were born. I wanted to be a career Officer, but that quickly changed when I returned from a 6 month cruise and my son did not know who I was.  I had a decision to make.  So I thought I would apply for shore duty and try to decide what I wanted to do going forward.  After 3.5 years aboard the USS Mountrail I was transferred to the Naval Investigative Service Headquarters in Arlington, Virginia.  I was assigned as a Counterintelligence Analyst in the Sabotage, Espionage and Counter-subversion Section.  I had no idea what to expect.  I was sent to an Intelligence School which had a tremendous impact on my mind and my future as an American.  They taught us about Psychological Warfare and how countries get taken over by groups and dictators.  How it was important to know your enemy in and out in order to protect yourself and break down the enemy’s will to fight.  I will never forget how we were taught how countries get taken over.  These words will forever be imbedded in my mind, “you take over the media, and you control the people’s minds.”  That is how Hitler, Mussolini, and many other Dictators had taken over countries. This thought would have a tremendous influence on my thinking in the future.

What does a Counterintelligence Analyst do all day? Well, you read and read and read and read and write and write and write and write.  In my section, we were led by a civilian GS graded supervisor named Harry Warren.  Harry will prove to have had a tremendous influence on my life as a writer, researcher and thinker.  He taught me grammar, he taught me structure, he taught me how to take 100 pages and summarize in to one page for an Executive Summary.  After all, you could not be sending written material to the Pentagon, White House or anywhere else that would reflect on the Navy.  These skills were extremely helpful in my business life and serve me well here on this blog.  We had some other Officers and civilians within our section.  Two of the Officers had just returned from Vietnam.  One was a Swift Boat skipper and the other was a Security Officer on one of their bases.  They told me some crazy stories.  Another Officer who came toward the end of my two years eventually became a Secret Service Agent.  He is now happily retired in Florida.

My job was to read reports every day that would come in from our FBI liaison, CIA, Army CID, Air Force Police, Defense Intelligence Agency, Office of Naval Intelligence, National Security Agency and local police departments from around the country. It was my job to try to filter any information out of these reports that was of interest to the United States Navy. I held Security Clearances from Top Secret to Cosmic to SEATO, NATO and any other clearances that I needed to have to do my job.  I had to sign a non-disclosure form (unlike Hillary) that prohibited me from divulging any of the information that I worked on that was classified for a period of 10 years after I left that job.  I took my job seriously and eventually became an “expert” on “domestic subversive groups.”

Subversion’s meaning is as follows: seeking or intended to subvert an established system or institution:

“Subversive literature”

Synonyms: disruptive · troublemaking · inflammatory


What was our job? It was my understanding that we were there to protect our country from entities and agendas that wanted to “subvert our system, our country and our way of life.”  All the intelligence agencies worked in a coordinated way to “protect” the United States of America.  This chapter in my blog is getting lengthy, so I will stop here and then speak of the Leftist movements and how they have gradually infiltrated our society and our country.  To prepare for the next installment, you may want to read in the Wikipedia the following:


If you take the time to read it, you will get an insight into what I will be describing going forward.





What the heck happened? Our country came together as a melting pot of ethnic and religious groups seeking a better life without oppression and with the freedom to pursue life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  There were carpenters, potters, farmers, herders and even entrepreneurs.  Those of wealth became business owners, lawyers, land owners and eventually politicians.  Many pursued the freedom to practice their religion without persecution of their belief in God.  Thus began the start of the Judeo/Christian principles upon which our country was formulated.  In many cases, some of the first places built were houses of worship.  Many believed that the belief in God kept people civil because to disobey God’s Commandments was to disobey the law.  Many laws were created based on God’s Commandments.  “Thou Shall Not Kill” became a law often punishable by death.  Other laws emanated from these Commandments.  Yes, Common Law was brought from Europe, but it was expanded upon in America and eventually became our Constitution.  So what happened?  How did these beliefs become so corrupted that lawlessness has grown and corruption has grown at an enormous pace, so much so that people are wondering “how could this happen here?”

I truly believe that the nucleus for this anti-God movement has always been here, but it was held back by happenings like the Salem Witch trials and other fears that kept the atheists in check. Actually, I believe that atheists become atheists so they would not have to feel guilty about breaking the laws of God and man.  It’s easy to deny the existence of God.  I know when I was in college; I began to question God’s existence.  For instance, how could God know about every person in the world at the same time?  How could God create the Heavens and the Earth?  Legitimate questions all.  Then, I started to put it in perspective.  Could there be a missing link?  Are we better off believing in God or not believing?  It became clear to me that a belief in a greater being than oneself was more likely to keep people within the law and more humble to his fellow man.  A Priest said that when you doubt, you have to have “faith.”  Faith is what bridges the gap between believing and not believing.  If you believe, then you follow the rule of law and try to be a good person helping others, building the family and building the community and ultimately building the greatest country in the world.  Freedom without fear of persecution or prosecution enables the human mind to be entrepreneurial in its nature and create new ideas leading up to the formulation of the greatest country in the world.

I believe the start of the family breakdown started with the Industrial Revolution, the advancement of the computer technology and the book written by Dr. Benjamin Spock. Dr. Spock you say?  That is almost sacrilegious.  When I was blessed with my first son, I followed the rules of upbringing that I was used to, “spare the rod, and spoil the child”.  I am happy to say that that son turned out to be a fine person, a good athlete and a fine lawyer.  He was inquisitive, wanted to learn and sometimes displayed some independence when he didn’t see eye to eye with me.  I liked that.  We spent most of the day together often doing nothing but catching fly balls.  When I was stationed in Arlington, Virginia, we often visited the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, Cabin John Park and many other foundations of our great nation.  My son learned about Abraham Lincoln while running up the steps to the famous statue on the inside.  I rarely had to discipline my son after the first few encounters.  A stern voice was often enough.  Then, I read Dr. Spock’s book.  You can’t do this and you can’t do that.  Discipline without a good spanking on the butt.   In my humble opinion, discipline lost its meaning.  This eventually evolved thanks to the Liberal Left to children calling the Police on their parents.  (Hmmmm, Nazi Germany?).  More and more, as kids went to college, they had become more independent in my opinion, became less God fearing and more combative with family values.  Liberal college Professors who think they are elitists, have swayed the student minds to support more liberal philosophies which has in my opinion moved them further and further away from family values.  The advancement in computer technology evolving to the Iphone, Ipad, and the social media has taken away all the discourse between humans one on one within the family.  The ACLU along with the Liberal Left have questioned all the values that were laid down in the Constitution, loyalty to the flag and the country and the belief in God, the very foundations of our society have now become pariahs in the eyes of the Liberal Left. Add to this all the single mother families that exist in many parts of our society, the entitlement culture who take from our society and contribute little or nothing at all.  The family as we know it is being destroyed by the Liberal Left enabling these groups.  Let’s remember, that Left means that they want revolutionary change and the Right wants to retain our values and Constitution.   They enable the entitlement culture in my opinion, for one reason and one reason only; they want to buy their votes.  With votes comes power.  I will conclude this portion of my historical account of the degradation of our society and continue in the next Rudy Rant about how entities within our country have for the last 50 years been developing this entitlement culture and usurping power by buying votes and telling people what they want to hear.



In my previous Rant, I talked about my early childhood and the neighborhood that I lived in and how all the various ethnic groups lived together in harmony. This was the 1940’s and the 1950’s.  There was still segregation in the South and while blacks and whites lived together in the North, there was still some racism.  However, when I was a senior at Lafayette High School, although blacks were a huge minority (you could count the blacks on two hands) we voted Stanley Gardner a black as our President of our Senior Class.  Why do you ask would over 1,000 mostly Caucasian students vote a black as Senior Class President?  Well, Stanley Gardner was intelligent, astute, and aggressive and he damn well wanted to be President.  And he won.  Let me explain that at this time, there was also a lot of divide among ethnic and religious groups mostly from the parents of the kids at Lafayette High School.  To the kids, we were all the same.  We started to break down the barriers between ethnic groups because we did not know of the prejudices of our parents.  We actually educated our parents by bringing our friends to our homes and they got to see that they were just like us.  My mother loved when my Jewish friends would come over and devour her meatballs and macaroni.  To her, that was the best compliment.  I in turn would go to my best friend’s house Jerry Bialick and he would introduce me to Matzo Brie.  His mother said that I ate like a Galiciana because I liked my Matzo Brie with Yogurt.  (Never had this in an Italian household.)  We used to call each other Wop, Pollack, Mick, Kike and many other names that were meant in pure jest.  Nobody was offended.  Nobody lost their jobs or their friendships over it.  In fact, if I called my friend John Greaney a Mick, he would do one of two things, buy me a beer or kick my ass.  I think he would like the ass kicking part, but I would bet he would buy me a beer afterward.  LOL.  What is the significance of all this?  I am trying to show that we were making progress in the 40’s and 50’s toward people of different ethnic, racial and religious groups coming together because of Americanized kids.  In those days, we wore shirts and ties to school.  On Assembly Day, we wore a Red tie to honor America.  Every day we said the Pledge of Allegiance to the Flag.  At every sporting event we sang the “Star Spangled Banner”.  My Grandfathers both on the Italian side and the Polish side insisted that their kids and Grandkids speak English because we were going to assimilate into American Society and become Americans.  Once again, God, Country and Family.  What happened?  These very things are virtually prohibited in our schools today.  How did this happen?  All of these things emanate from our Declaration of Independence and our Constitution which were created under the Judeo/Christian doctrine that all men are created equal and that our Constitutional Republic will be governed under the Commandments of God, of the people, by the people and for the people.  That means without corruption, under the law and with the best interests of the country first. We saw Fascism, Communism, Socialism and Dictatorships throughout the world and reveled in our freedom and wealth which came about due to our diversity.  What happened?  There were those that said, it could never happen here.  In subsequent Rants, I hope to explain what happened and how so many Americans have been brainwashed to deviate from the rules that made us the greatest and most prosperous nation in the world.  How, politicians manipulated the minds of the American people through “Political Correctness” and a Liberal Media and causing American families to move away from God, Country and Family.  How a Draft System was eliminated so that all the privileged of this country could avoid defending it while they make their money and leave the defense of the country to other loyal Americans.  Maybe if some of the legislators served in the Military, they would have a better appreciation of what our country stands for.  Instead, they make deals that benefit themselves and could care less about our country, its security, and our position in the world.  In subsequent Rants, I hope to explain how this all came about.  Maybe some who read this blog will realize how their minds have been poisoned and how they have moved away and apart from the traditions upon which this nation has been founded.  “Support and Defend the Constitution of the United States of America” are words often spoken today, but totally ignored.  President Barack Obama is the biggest offender in my opinion.

In light of the Brexit vote, I think it appropriate to comment on what that vote means to the American people. Many in Great Britain are against open borders and the influx of Muslim refugees.  The Liberal Left tries to portray this as racist, bigoted and every other adjective they could come up with to further their own agenda.  I think that Middle America feels the same way as the Brits.  They are fed up with the establishment politicians doing what they want without considering the desires of the people.  The polls did not reflect the true feelings of the people as I think the polls in this country do not truly reflect the feelings of the American people.  There is a hierarchy of Elitists I believe that want to control the world through organizations like the United Nations and the European Union.  When other countries could determine your destiny, then you have lost your freedom.  Another problem with the EU in my opinion is that the prosperous countries have to endure the entitlement countries that are all virtually bankrupt.  I would rather fend for myself and I think Great Britain has made the same determination.

Next we will talk about the breakdown of American culture deliberately to further another agenda. Thank You for visiting




This is the first of I hope many “Rudy Rants” I hope to publish on my blog “ My purpose in doing this is to try to educate some of the American people on how we got to where we are today from the day I was born on June 3, 1940.  I hope to use my experiences in life, my education, my family values and my belief in God to try and show that we are heading down a destructive path.  I will use quotes from our Founding Fathers, I will use opinions of friends and relatives and I will voice my own opinion based on my experience, interpretation and beliefs.

Growing up in the Bath Beach section of Brooklyn, nestled between Bensonhurst and Bay Ridge, this area was primarily Italian, with a scattering of Polish, German, Irish and a good sized Jewish population. Everyone knew everyone on their block; I lived on 16th Avenue between 86th Street and Benson Avenue.  I went to St. Finbar’s Parish and I was an altar boy and played on many of the church’s CYO (Catholic Youth Organization) sports teams.  Monsignor Scanlon was our Pastor and one could not forget Father Donegan who ran the kids mass and the sports programs.  I remember singing “An Army of Youth Flying the Standard of Truth” on the way out of the 9:00 o’clock Sunday mass.  I remember walking home and smelling all the meatballs and sausages being cooked and the sweet smell wafting through the streets.  We could not wait to get home and try one of the fried meatballs along with some gravy on Italian bread.  We wore white shirts and ties to church and to school in those days.  It was a sort of respect for the institution and showed extra effort on the part of your family toward school and church.

After a meal of antipasto, soup, pasta, meatballs, sausage, piece of pork, braciole, and either chicken or a roast with vegetables and of course a salad. We rested for a while and then it was either stickball in the streets or softball in the school yard at PS 163.  I attended PS 229 as did every kid in the neighborhood.  There was only busing for kids that lived too far to walk which was not many.   Most of us walked to school.  Sunday was for God, family and friends,  a nice concept.

We received a great education albeit form dictatorial teachers who would not take any gruff from anybody. Did we fear them?  Absolutely, but not for the reasons you would think.  We were more worried that they would tell our parents if we did something bad.  We would get a good whack in the butt for being insolent and sent on our way.  No brutality, no calling of cops for cruelty to a child, it was discipline pure and simple.  We learned about American history and how our country was started and all the sacrifices made by our forefathers.  We learned how to read and write in both script and print.  We learned Math by a method that worked for everyone.  We learned Geography to better acquaint us with the world and our heritage of where our ancestors came from.  We learned discipline and how to work together in harmony regardless of your ethnic background, race, or religion.   On Wednesday afternoon, Catholic students were released from school and we walked to church to get one hour of religions instruction.  This was called “Release Time”.  That was what it was all about folks, God, Country and Family.  What the heck happened?  In subsequent “Rants” I hope to talk of how this all broke down, who was to blame and why our future is dependent on a drastic change in direction.  All I have heard for 40+ years was “It can’t happen here.”  Guess what folks, it is happening.